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4 steps for losing weight

February 11, 2012

Need to lose weight, you approximately 3500 calories on what you are already doing daily activities burn burn. It seems that many calories, and you certainly want to try to burn 3500 calories per day. However, after step by step determine you exactly what you need to do,maybe a diet plan, every day burn or cut these extra calories. The following step by step to start one.

1. Calculate your BMR (prices metabolic basal cells). Your BMR is the number of calories, your body needs the body functions such as breathing and digestion continues. This is the minimum number of calories you eat each day. Keep in mind that it is 100% accurate calculator so that you must adjust these numbers, that information about your own metabolism.

 2. Calculate your level of activity. A week or keep the activity log and use a calorie calculator to find out how many calories you burn while sitting, stand, carry, lifting weights, etc. in the course of the day. Another easy way is to wear a heart rate monitor, the calories burned calculated. After a week, add your totals for each day and have an idea, how many calories you burn on average every day.

3 pursue how many calories you eat. At least one week, enter and track your calories online (such as with the number of calories), or use a food journal to record, what you eat and drink every day. As specifically as possible, information or search for restaurants, to provide, if you are in a dimension of food where you. After a week, add your totals for each day, and get an diet plan how you eat many calories every day on average.

4 Add. Your BMR, you add your calories. Then subtract your food calories from this sum. If you have more than your BMR + your calories food, you are in danger, to make diet plan. Example: Calorie BMR of 1400 – Mary and it calories 900 through regular exercise, walking and housework. To keep weight, they should eat 2300 calories (1400 + 900 = 2300). But after the tour a food journal, believes Mary, she eats 2550 calories per day. There are more than 250 calories than the body needs, Mary weeks will receive approximately one pound all 2-3. This example shows how easy it is the weight, even without knowing, to take. However, it is also easy to lose weight, although the process can be slow. You can start through small changes in your diet and exercise levels, and you can immediately begin to burn more calories that you eat. If you can find a way to add more than 200 to 500 calories per day to exercise and diet plan, you are at the right place.


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