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5 Factor Diet

February 14, 2012

“5 Factor Diet”  Hollywood actress exclusive coaching is Harley Pasternak developed star slimming methods, even Lady Gaga, Jessica Simpson and other high card Hands-on Science, Lady Gaga also successfully lose weight 22 kg in 2 weeks! Today we will introduce to you the rapid weight loss methods, balanced nutrition 1-day meal intake, combined with appropriate exercise, you can have a star shape!

What is the ” 5 Factor Diet”?

 Diet, keep 1 day 5 diet a balanced diet, and maintain moderate exercise, this is not the medicine is effective in weight loss secret!


1-day meal should be allocated to it? Equal intervals between each diet is best, but in everyday life, because of obstacles to learning all kinds of things, I’m afraid it is difficult to achieve, so the average of 3-4 hour, try not to delay too long would be good.

Eating 5 key principles:

 Have several small meals is the core five elements diet diet, although 1 day 5, appetite and food intake and avoid chaos Oh! In short, it would total 1-day diet is divided into 5.

 1. Half the carbohydrate

 Components for staple foods such as rice, bread, pasta by half, at the same time, beans, vegetables, fruits and other foods containing carbohydrates ingredients are relatively reduced, inhibit blood glucose rise try to eat some food.

 2. Less fat intake of healthy proteins

 You can eat a lot of red meat, or herring, proteins such as low-fat protein-rich foods.

 3. 5-10 grams per meal intake of dietary fiber

 Legumes, fruits, and vegetables are rich in dietary fiber, may wish to eat a lot, and if the skin of fruits and vegetables, some can eat, so even having it, because the fibers of the skin is also rich, Oh!

 4. Proper intake of healthy lipid

 Oil content in the diet is also a need to control, but we can use olive oil instead, ingestion of oil substances such as acids, essential fatty acids, polyphenols, sesame oil and rapeseed oil, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, are healthy lipid, diet to lose weight, you can use Oh!

 5. Add water

 When you lose weight drinking more tea, calories, compared to healthier to drink, coffee or tea is also good, but remember that you should not add sugar, prevent heat rise.

 Movement principles: slimming movement insisted on 5 days a week for every day just 20-30 minutes away, they do not have intentionally to do sports, just climbing the stairs instead of the elevator, get off and walk one stop early, and so on, through improvements in life habits to achieve the purpose of love intra-abdominal movement, effective antiobesity project easily and is not hard.

 Weekly closing day: while losing weight should adhere, but take a day off every week to get freed from the pressure of losing weight, so that it can stick to lose weight slowly will be totally adapted to the weight loss life without pressure from the inside out skinny physique well developed the habit!



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