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2 weight loss foods

February 16, 2012

Spring is the season most critical of a slimming, always take the time of spring when you lose weight, weight loss is a qualitative leap, Love on a Diet of small series below will introduce you some very good for spring weight loss foods, eat these types of foods in the spring, will make your weight loss results with a significant change.


What makes sardines health diet food? This small fish in the sea, this no star of the Crown. They are rich in protein and ω-3 fatty acids, you can keep your body muscle mass. Mercury content and low, with high calcium content to accelerate fat burning metabolism in the body and have played an important role. fungus

 Taste of fungus is Q, it is rich in protein, calcium, magnesium, iron and other minerals, can help you add a large number of nutrients. In addition, fungus also contain vegetable jelly, can remain in the body of the residual mass adsorption and aggregation, and eliminated from the body, clearing intestinal and stomach to prevent disease, and beauty.


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