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5 points for healthy weight loss

February 16, 2012

What is the most healthy methods for weight loss? 5 points for healthy weight loss as follow:

1. Aerobic exercise. Jogging, skipping and cycling are all examples of aerobic exercise. 20-40 minutes of jogging per day, is the best aerobic exercise.

 2. Reading food labels, this sounds like a not unreasonable, but for many of the people trying to lose weight and maintain a healthy body, had to do something. Food labels may be the most important information on heat. Although it is only a service, but can tell you that the food contains calories, to keep your body balanced. If you lack the concept, weight-space, there is more food calorie table.

 3. Reduction of high fat foods in the diet, weight-loss follows the basic rule is that higher saturated fat bad for your heart, and has been proved to clog arteries. In addition, use olive oil instead of butter for cooking, eating more nuts.

 4. When selecting food, choose nutrient-rich foods.

 5. Drink water, drinking water helps keep our skin, give us more energy, and removal of toxins in the body, helps digestion and increased metabolic rate.


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