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Weight loss recipes

February 16, 2012 cabbage

 Spirit of spring, many people feel that not all day, and potassium deficiency is a very important reason. Then eat baby food is a very good choice. Baby vegetables are rich in potassium, can regulate metabolism, helps lower body weight and elimination of edema, gastrointestinal motility, promoting bowel, weight control is very helpful.

 2. sesame seeds

 Sesame contains a benign Asian kernel of flax oil acid lipid, rich in protein, vitamin a, vitamin e and calcium helps prevents slowing aging and to speed up the body’s calorie consumption. In addition, Sesame part nutrient metabolism of lipid membrane within the blood vessels can function better, and can promote waste discharges, a good Detox weight loss effect.

3. cabbage

 What is cabbage? In fact, we often cabbage, cabbage, cabbage is a cabbage. Brussels sprouts are rich in dietary fiber, could contribute to the moistening, effectively reduce the fat accumulation in the body. In addition, it contains cellulose can also help you increase satiety and reduces calorie intake!

 4. tuna

 Fresh tuna, is a unique weight loss foods. It can make you lose weight at the same time, do not lose health and beauty. Tuna contains fatty acids, burn excess fat in the body, balance blood sugar levels. In addition, it contains protein from health, to promote fat burning, reduce hip fat, helping to maintain slim Oh!


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