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How to slim down for housewives

February 18, 2012

If you have more fat, even now do not get fat, careful cumulative incidence of obesity may soon come.

Housewives how to slim down?

 1. Valley of breakfast cereal bread topped with fresh milk, eat slowly for at least 20 minutes;

 2. when the markets to buy food in the morning, should be less than car travel, 20-25 minutes of brisk walk;

 3. choose food with fresh food, small selection of pickled food;

 4. be sure to eat at noon! You can choose simple pasta, such as soup and cook the noodles, into an egg, or extra to join low-calorie vegetables such as cabbage;

 5. after the lunch break, to do some family (such as finishing the environment) or jump rope or do some exercise in gymnastics;

 6. focused on preparing dinner: more water less cooked steamed, fried fried fried;

 7. Eat dinner, and be sure not to hard to stomach, it would only increase obesity;

 8. Don’t eating anything after 8 o’clock.


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