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Easy and efficient movement of jump rope to lose weight

February 22, 2012

A lot of people will jump rope, it can exercise, even pleasure because of skipping body and mind, making friends. But these people do not know is by skipping rope is to lose weight, if used properly, it can quickly reduce the fat in the body. Friends of so you want to lose weight we must practice good skipping this game.

Desire to achieve weight loss by skipping, it is necessary to master the jump rope, so as to achieve proper results. In General by skipping one of two ways, both approaches are more classic, is one of the most commonly used. Let’s take a look below what should be of the correct weight of rope skipping.

Who is skipping the first jump rope to lose weight alone. In General, the skipper can choose to use the hands grab both ends of the rope skipping, hands and body combined with exercise, you can start skipping movements. Skipper can silently number what number of jumps, General skipping rope skipping can be a number around 100, can jump five to six times a day.

II ways to jump rope to lose weight is a mass of rope skipping. This sport is the personal participation of the, so you can avoid a person prone to boredom when skipping phenomenon, increase the entertaining of jump rope to lose weight. But it also allows people who want to lose weight in the making to like-minded friends in the sport, serve two purposes, is a very useful thing.

However weight loss through jump rope is also a lot of taboos, if not well, and purpose rather than to lose weight, but may be counterproductive and may even damage to health. Jump rope to lose weight how matters that need attention? This mainly has following several points.

First, when you jump rope must choose good campaign site. Generally jump rope should be conducted in five selected in the ground where soft, so they do not cause damage to the human body. If you are skipping on the hard ground, is likely on the ankles feet or any other part of the human damage.

Second, jump rope should be selected where ambient air quality is better, so as to ensure that the exercise is aerobic exercise, that can really play a role in weight loss. Because weight loss fat burning of oxygen is required to participate in, if there is not enough oxygen, body fat will not be able to be consumed, effect is not to lose weight.

Third, skipping selections are also very important they should be careful not to be after the diet. Because after eating, one is filling of the gastrointestinal tract, then if the movement would affect digestive function, leading to indigestion, there may even be the cause of gastrointestinal rupture.

Through the above description, you can learn to, as long as the master the skipping of the scientific method, you can easily lose weight.


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