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Exercise to lose weight how rational allocation of time

February 22, 2012
Many dieters are weight loss through exercise to achieve the purpose, from a scientific perspective, exercise weight loss is indeed an efficient approach to lasting weight loss. However, persons wishing to exercise to lose weight should know, exercise to lose weight is the need for rationalization of the movement of a weight loss program can play a slimming effect, otherwise, would not reduce the fat in the body. There is also likely to increase fat, making the body more obese. Then what should be reasonable arrangements exercise plan to lose weight, aim to lose weight? Let us step by step to understand it.
First of all we should know exactly how long to exercise every day will be able to play a slimming effect. According to the scientific test results, people in daily food in the heat can get a yiqianwubaiqian card. If people eat the food heat exceeding this value, will cause the heat accumulation in body and converted into fat, the body fat. Even if people in the case of normal eating, is part of the energy remaining. In General, the energy remaining will have a sanbaiqian card. You need people that part of the energy consumed through the movement. Here need to know is how long movement, how aggressively movement, you can consume sanbaiqian heat. According to scientific tests, to consume sanbaiqian of energy, only persons in a State of slow, can adhere to the one-hour.
Why emphasis should be slow? Others are usually quite busy, there is no specific time to lose weight, will be out some time by running to lose weight, this is very scientific. This is because people want to consume fat aerobic exercise is the best State. In order to ensure the fat fully consumed, and walking is a good aerobic exercise. Run is the need for large amounts of oxygen consumption, lack of oxygen can cause the human body. If the body is in the absence of oxygen, fat cannot be fully burning, would produce many substances that can be harmful to the body, is going to have on the human body damage. So people should choose walking to lose weight in the form of.
Choose exercise lose weight people would pay attention to timing issues, is not normal rest time because they need to exercise to lose weight. Because the body is only to ensure a sufficient sleep, to ensure there is enough energy to exercise, to exercise to weight loss results. But also note that sleep time is not too long, too long will increase the accumulation of body fat, body fat.
By the above described, we should be on the timing of the exercise to lose weight with a basic understanding of, you can schedule to exercise to lose weight.

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