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Weight loss is not reduced beautiful

February 22, 2012

 Sabina is a 22-year-old girl living in Dallas, now was a ballet dancer, working at a local Southern Trinity R. a magnificent Opera House. Sabina star dream since childhood, mature likes to put on MOM’s high heels in front of the family show.

Read professional and join the art of dancing after this row, Sabina dream of becoming a superstar has also been growing. 18 years, Sabina joined the United States idol show, but because the judges by saying “honey, you look beautiful, dance is also fascinating, but figure if the viewers can slim a few more eyeballs”, and lost opportunities for further challenges.

Sabina is determined after the home minus the dewlap impede their success. Do the dance that Sabina muscles strong, shapely, BMI generally high among Americans is not a fat man, but requires a higher degree of screen star, Sabina is obviously is not thin enough, especially because the long jump because of Ballet, she is part of the master of leg stiff. Fitness coach’s suggestion, Sabina according to their own Constitution and interests out of a weight loss method. Brunt of is diet problem, has always been like fried chicken and ice cream of Sabina in weight loss during completely ring off has fried food and dessert, although a began let she is pain, but she also do has some measures, such as to refrigerator drawer food Cabinet in all remaining of similar food are clear go, qualified themselves half a months only visited a times supermarket to reduced garbage food of purchase to, and in dining room kitchen within hanging Shang model of poster to constraints themselves.

Sabina is little eating meals, basic to a lot of boiled vegetables and low calorie fruits, black coffee no sugar instead, stomach really hungry to eat whole wheat bread. She also has a trick, is eat spicy Thailand vegetables, solutions for both the desire for good food, pepper can increase metabolism, slow eating–of course, this is restricted.

Followed by campaign, Sabina herself is a dancer, has a degree of consumption per day, so after work just high intensity anaerobic exercise is no longer, but replaced by 1.5 hour of Pilates and stretching movement more difficult for Sabina compaction of soft-reduction of muscle-fat. After the campaign, Sabina and don’t forget to give yourself a full body massage to relieve muscle, creating beautiful lines.

Also, during the holiday weekend, Sabina has reduced and the number of friends gathered in a bar, often riding his bicycle ran to the nearby suburbs of divergent, first movement, reducing the intake of alcohol and tobacco, secondly, balancing body and mind, speed up my metabolism, the body also played a very good role in promoting. Sabina plan is to lose 22 pounds in 1.5 months, because she does not like to rush, and controlling in the healthy range. But with so many insisted on down, still for a few days a month, should have reached the original goal. Sabina pleasure, friends and colleagues around this weight loss journey of Sabina was a great success, there is no sequel to lose weight, reverse skin even more smooth and detailed, spirit many people.

Sabina has been taking advantage of the current best once again signed up United States idol show program. Before her because she criticized some of the judges in an awkward and embarrassing, but after successful weight loss, she discovered, has a slim and slender build so much confidence, particularly on the stage!


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