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Sofa weight loss exercises

February 23, 2012
1) Hold your waist with both hands and feet put together while standing in front of the Chair, breathing slightly bending your plug for legs, tighten your buttocks and legs and abdomen, remain 10~20 about breathing.
2) Relax sitting on a Chair, hands and fingertips respectively hold the legs thigh root, opens to the outside keeping the elbow arm stretch on the back of his hand, upright, suction feet soles very straight while lifting your feet, keep 10-20 breathing.
3) And then put your feet upon the left foot above, your feet remain flat.
4) Relax lying on the couch, bending your feet, hands and fingers put together on the side. Natural breathing, inhale and lift the left leg stretched straight up, and natural breathing, adhere to the 10~20 breath, and then repeat on the other side of the transfer.

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