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Sofa weight loss exercises(1)

February 23, 2012
Following this thin limbs, weight loss, easy to get rid of arm bye on inner thigh fat and meat.
1)  Feet slightly apart to sit side by side on the Chair, respectively, with both hands holding small dumbbell, straight a slight lift, upright eyes straight ahead, and natural breathing.
2)  Breathing, bent elbows upward to maintain 90-degree angle, and then punch with both hands, just above the elbow and shoulder on the same straight line, keep back straight and legs and abdominal muscles to tighten.
3)  Nominated slowly straightened up and then breathe in your hands, keeping the head and Center back, eyes straight ahead, adhere to the 10~20 about breathing, and then slowly down your hands, actions can be repeated multiple times.
4)  Your cheeks will put together a Chair, upright eyes straight ahead, before you left hand encircling body, hold the right hand side, after the right hand grasping a dumbbell bending the arm at the head.

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