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Best weight loss recipes to lose weight

February 27, 2012
 Nutrition experts have found that quality in peanut oil, peanut oil and other peanut products have a nutrient called folic acid, it contains large amounts of monounsaturated fatty acids can increase heat dissipation, burning bad cholesterol, reduces high blood lipids. In addition to folic acid, cellulose peanuts also contain a variety of useful, clear the role of intestinal waste does not cause obesity.

Experiments proved that body weight eating peanuts every day for six months to drop 10 pounds.

Early in “peanut nutrition value industry prospects international forum” Shang, United States nutrition expert said, United States Harvard University public health College and the Boston women hospital, has Organization has 101 name suffering from obesity syndrome of aged men and women, is divided into two group, a group is specified eat low fat dietary (to lean, and vegetable mainly), a group eat nuts dietary (to peanut oil, and peanut sauce, and mixed nuts, and vegetable mainly). After six months, lost an average of two groups of people has lost 11 pounds, but a year later, the first group of rebound weight, and eating peanuts set of weight did not increase.

Via Ananas Weight-reducing medicine

Did you experience any of the side effects mentioned above? Let us know your experiences with Losing weight after using Via Ananas Pills. Via Ananas are slimming capsules or diet pills, which are not considered as medicine but rather a food supplement made mostly from Pineapples. Via Ananas has become widely popular in the Middle East especially in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and the UAE.


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