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Find the reason of lose weight

February 28, 2012
We see the weight on the scale, it ignores fat. Researchers suggest that we at least once a year body fat testing, understand the distribution of fat in various parts of the body, based on the development of fat reduction plan. 2 day diet pills, slimming centers, weight loss clinics all have this service.
The most dangerous fat – waist, abdominal fat. Cause visceral organs in burden, ‘ concerns about health, but luckily this fat through Fruta Planta to lose weight  and diet can easily be lost.
The most difficult fat – limb fat reduction. Not harmful to Leptin, but on a more elegant. Reduced limb fat is the most difficult, to strength training requires patience, although consumption is slower, on the scale of the performance is not very prominent, but let us look more weight loss!

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