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7 Days Herbal Slim product summary

February 29, 2012

7 Days Herbal Slim product summary:

The larger the order, the lower the price!  Free shipping for minimum 50 packs!

7 DAYS HERBAL SLIM pluses will help you Best Diet Plan by decreasing your appetite level so you consume fewer calories each day and therefore see noticeable increases in weight loss. 7 Days Herbal Slim  the body and cleaning the fat but no rebound. 7-Day Herbal Slim can maintain skin elasticity after slimming the body and cleaning the fat. 7 day Slimming is Safe,convenient and quick effects.

7 DAYS HERBAL SLIM Ingredients: 7 Days Herbal Slim slimming capsules contain (according to the company) Seville orange flower, Lingzhi, Konjak, Cassia seed, lotus leaf, and koala nut.

How To Use 7 DAY HERBAL SLIM: You are to take one  Slim Diet Pill capsule of the supplement once each day.

Where To Buy: From ondietday web, the professional web of diet pill

Storage methods: sealed in a cool dry place. 

Shelf life: three years

Not suitable for: For those patients with heart disease,myocardial impaction malfunction or liver of kidney,pregnant women as well as children.

Suitable for: Obese people due to various reasons, particularly for “General belly”, “buckets of lumbar” persons or long-term use of weight-loss drugs rally, new mother after childbirth.

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