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2 detalis for weight loss

March 1, 2012
How to healthy fast weight loss when it comes to losing weight, varied, but change ten thousand times without departing from the original aim or stand, as long as some point, ultimately will not become a big fat man, how do you lose weight, health helps you lose weight, develop a lean body mass. At the same time, these weight loss methods can also be used after dinner, help you quickly lean back!

500cc, daily on an empty stomach in the morning drink warm water

Do not underestimate the power of 500cc (be sure to drink on an empty stomach OH), because it can help you to clear the stomach, helps smooth bowel, promote metabolism, skin water dangdang sth Many Super-in short the benefits of it!

Every day be sure to adhere to the first 500cc to drink water before eating breakfast, it’s really important for weight loss!

Reminder, if water temperature “lukewarm” water that is too hot or too cold is not good for the body, at room temperature or lukewarm water OK Oh!

If at first you can’t drink that much, you can start with 1 cup (250cc) start of water, increase the 20-30cc of the small increase every few days, and finally can drink the 500cc la!

Second, within 30 minutes after meal must not sit down

On this point, it’s importance with the 1th, give them 5 stars (really super important!)

Within 30 minutes after a meal is the golden period of digestion, studies have shown that the person standing within 30 minutes after a meal can digest the better than people who sit dozens of kcal of calories!

Do not sit or lie down at this time, or small belly belly soon will report back to you la!

Recommendations can brush their teeth, sort the table, washing the dishes, watching TV or playing computer or to a nearby park for a walk sth In short is to never sit down, lie down is!


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