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5 summer weight loss slimming porridge

March 1, 2012
Porridge health lose weight lose weight, have more than once heard you say twice, but what kind of porridge can be effective slimming drink it? how to drink? don’t try so hard, small part this is recommendable to set summer weight loss slimming porridge, is divided into five models to see which of the more favored than thin porridge? charming posture fast fast!

1, white gourd porridge

Fresh gourd 100 grams of rice 150 grams. Wash wax gourd and shredding, and rice cooking porridge, daily and evening, warm food to take on an empty stomach.

2, red bean porridge

Red bean 150 g rice 50 gram. First wash the red bean, 2-3 hours of soaking, Frazzle after, add rice and cook porridge. Sooner or later each day, recognition of this feed on gruel.

3, corn meal porridge

Corn powder regular, cold water mixed, rice porridge cooked, calling into the cornstarch paste, all cooked for porridge, free to use.

4, white Poria porridge

White Poria 20 gram, rice 50 gram. White Poria cocos and research for fine powder, and Cook rice porridge, daily and evening, warm fresh clothing.

5, euryale ferox porridge

Euryale ferox m 30~60 g, rice 100 g boiled porridge, dressed in uniforms or.

Sisters to you above recommended five beauty of porridge, but very popular Oh! there is time to give it a try!


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