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Is it real that drinking red wine can lose weight?

March 2, 2012
Circulating on the Internet of drinking red wine, lose weight said, specific approach was simple: a drink before going to bed about 50ml of red wine per day. Believe that a lot of MM beauty has tried to?, was also recently noted that drinking red wine as the obesity crisis, on the grounds that points out that relatively high heat of red wine. So, drinking red wine is gaining weight or weight loss?
Think red wine can weight loss reasons are as follows:
A. increase metabolism: red wine contains vitamins c, e and beta carotene in their antioxidant capacity, lower metabolism can improve with age.

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B. slow down the speed of eating: the habit of drinking wine when dining habits, and give yourself a fun comfortable plenty of time to enjoy a meal, can stimulate the brain satiety center early so that he could not eat too much.

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C. avoid gluttony gluttony: of course, elevated blood alcohol concentration will also slow, also has effect to relieve pressure, and therefore can inhibit pressure of gluttony gluttony.

D. reduce edema in Vivo: red wine rich in iron, plus alcohol itself has a role of promoting blood circulation and warm up, so you can improve anemia, warm waist kidneys, effectively reducing moisture accumulation in the body. Bloated physique is particularly suitable for such beautiful skin and body of the wine thin shenfa.

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And that red wine is gaining grounds only:

Calories in red wine is relatively high. Wine is fermented by yeast into cereal or fruit, wines with high alcohol concentration, calculating how many calories intake after each drink formulas are–drink (ML) X7= x alcohol contains calories. Turns out, a 250 ml red wine or beer, and heat a bowl of steamed rice, about 240 calories.


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