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2 methods for honey weight loss

March 5, 2012
 Honey beauty beauty has very good results, to lose weight is also a very good choice, both easily and you can see the effect. Now to introduce honey to lose weight.
Weight loss 1: the basic law Lida daidaihua
Every day morning, afternoon, and evening meals are replaced with honey water or tea to honey, the whole not eating anything. Weight loss during the edible 150-200g of honey every day, you should eat 150g components have a slimming effect; if you are hungry or tired, please contact eat honey or honey water, real-time supply nutrients the body, refresh.
Weight loss method two: three meals a day and honey tea P57 Hoodia
Breakfast: one cup of honey and green tea. Green tea taste of bitter cold, contain tannins, such as chlorophyll, clearing, antibacterial anti-inflammatory; HONEY Gan Xingping, containing sugars, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, and small amounts of minerals, has bactericidal, detoxification and BU Zhong Yi Qi and moistening effect. Compatibility between the other has bactericidal anti-inflammatory, and improving the organism immunity Tomato plant weight loss.

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