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3 steps for face weight loss

March 6, 2012
AJust after the lunar new year, many people in a real treat during the festive season, nutrition, and face also appears on the baby fat. People perforate a whole person has filled out a lot. Facial fat really seems to give people the wrong impression. The how to section of thin face? Small steps today to teach you a thin face, and only three steps, lets you easily remove the “baby fat”.

1. breathing, mouth to drum up, then breathes out, breathe again, repeat a few times.

Purpose: elimination before the face fuck facial muscles and the gas, so as to make the effect more obvious face little tricks, so this action is indispensable.

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2. at the same time with two hands thumb upwards, to the inner cheek fat top, maintaining a few seconds at a time, repeated several times. You will feel a little pain, signs of the effect of this is beginning, don’t worry.

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Purpose: movement of facial fat, so as to achieve the minus effects facial flesh meat.

3. gently with knuckles knocking down cheek, this about 15 times while doing it.

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Objective: to do so is to make the muscles slightly stimulated, leading to atrophy. Later, when you repeat above, quick.


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