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Korea popular slimming exercises (1)

March 6, 2012
Korea popular slimming exercises do not avoid certain food, no movement, no time, no money to sth You will also continue to do you justify shining white fat? Thin down just because you’re too lazy. Small series to introduce a paragraph below Korea Superman slimming gymnastics, the eight super fun big, immobile, will be able to get rid of fat.

1st warm up

Efficient total body aerobic exercise must be done before the warm-up to prepare the action, so that they can relax tense muscles and prevent injury during exercise or exercise flexibility.

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1. hands after crossing the hands on the chest, twisting your wrist Palm and straighten his arms forward for 4 seconds, that repeated activity arm activities can relax the wrists and elbows.

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2. the cross with both hands, the first hand on the chest, straight arm with both hands forward to hand out, repeatedly waving his arms up and down 4-5.

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3. the cross with both hands, straighten his arms Palms out, head to the left and turned a relaxing neck, overall action repeated 2 times.


Relax the back muscles spine

Strong spine, digestive and respiratory h

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ealth, relieve neck and shoulder pain, stress relax, older or poor sense of balance can stretch his legs and shoulder width, and relieve pressure on the body.

1. bending your wrist so that your finger toward the body, straightening the arm and make the greatest power forward bending back, keep breathing and maintaining the action for 4 seconds.

2. continue to maintain posture and make the greatest efforts to gradually stretch your hips and chest outside the body way s-curve backward straight arm to keep breathing evenly, maintain an action for 4 seconds, overall action repeated 2 times.

3rd lizards pose

Protect the heart to eliminate excess fat

Protection of heart rate and heart balancing, creating thin compact leg curve, should pay attention to when doing the actions on both sides of the legs to stretch is very wide and not make dual foot 11 fonts.

1. double leg stretch to both sides, put his hands on either side of the thigh.

2. slightly bent legs and stretch to both sides, straight upper body will put his hands in the ear, upper body tilted to the right after the elbows and knees to touch back in place.

3. continue to the 2nd movement to tilt your torso to the left, slowly back to the elbows and knees to the left after the collision.

4. bent legs straight back into the 1th movement straight up from the side after opening two-arm, repeatedly waving his arms up and down 5.

4th of 8 characters turn

PERIARTHRITIS of shoulder joint movement against

Prevention of PERIARTHRITIS, up and down the shoulder joints and bones of the body becomes soft and malleable, active shoulders to keep balanced equally on both sides of the shoulder.

1. stand straight after bending your arms gently with both hands on the shoulders.

2. draw 8 words up and down left and right arm shoulder, legs wide open as right-back-left-back in the order of activities.

3. stand on both sides of the arms close to the body stretching forward, elbows bent to 90 degrees.

4. keep the 3rd action and repeated activities up and down his shoulders, legs by left and right forward in the order after the opening back in place.


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