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Korea slimming exercise (2)

March 6, 2012
Korea notable slimming gymnastics, super interesting eight major moves, move along, we can get rid of the fat, Oh.
5th bow


Effect of aerobic exercise of the muscles of the chest


Has the effect of relaxing chest and upper body, should pay attention to when doing the action straight upper body cannot bend forward or backward.


1. feet on both sides of the open-range is wider than the shoulders, arms extended straight forward double hand fist stick together.

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2. step right leg and slightly bent left arm straight forward, right hand mimics the body bow back inclination, to make the best power forward in the chest, the opposite direction and then repeat the action, repeated 2 times as a whole.

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6th Kendo


Sense of balance and body flexibility but with exercise

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Exercise thighs, tummy, arms and other parts of the muscle body compact flexibility and strengthening the sense of balance exercises, upper body straight not bent to make the exercise more effective, gently lift the leg but could not make sense of body weight, note the legs must be straight not to bend the knee.


1. stand back hand hands stick together, arm raised above his head up straight.


2. leg straight, right foot front kick-left foot front kick, side kick-right foot-side kick-left foot right foot backward kick-kick left foot back in order to do the action, while kicking his arms repeatedly up and down waving, note the elbows and knees not bent, overall action repeated 2 times.


7th knee kick back and twist gymnastics


Quickly get rid of thigh fat


Bust up and down movement get rid of thigh fat in the opposite direction, reversing the motion can also use knee bending exercise Act effective exercise of thigh and waist muscles.


1. bent elbows straighten your left hand on the right arm to the left arm and chest parallel to the bent left leg high knee lift leg and both hands to lift the arm up 45 degrees.


2. arms straight to the right in the wrong direction, right leg bent knee high leg lift repeat these actions.


3. lower body rotation stand reversing after the upper body to the right faces towards the right in front, hands and arms lifted parallel to the chest after the song, keep breathing evenly and slowly bend your knees squatting and stand up straight again, after repeated 2 times for repeated on the left side.


8th Thai-Boxing


Eliminate small pork belly


Best fat aerobic exercise, kick can also help when you subtract the smaller stomach fat, arthritis friend of attention put on running shoes, kick back when the action is not too hard.


1. hand clasping hands in front of your face, bending the knees slightly imitate doing boxing warm up in front of legs repeatedly before and after beating 4 time.


2. natural put feet, bent left arm left fist up and driving the right arm extended straight forward right arm and right leg, back stretch.


3. right arm bent energetically promoting the extension of the left arm, and left leg back stretch, 2, 3rd movement as a whole has repeatedly done 2 times.


4. feet shoulder width and packed, arm lift with both hands above his head up straight, left leg bent knee lift leg thigh leg thread at right angles, while hands and arms down, changing direction to continue to repeat the action, and overall action repeated 2 times.

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