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Can drinking in the evening really lose weight?

March 7, 2012
It is wrong that a lot of tea drinking in the evening, with less sleep way to lose weight.

For caffeine-sensitive people, drinking strong tea may interfere with sleep, drink tea in the morning and this morning is quite appropriate. Human metabolism rates are higher in the morning, work task is heavy, suitable for drinking strong tea. If after 5 o’clock in the afternoon tea may cause insomnia at night, the reduction of sleep does not improve weight loss results, because lack of sleep will not only reduce resistance, elevated blood sugar, increase the appetite hormone levels, so it is worth something.

Tea is to lose weight, but what to drink to lose weight? Here to see tea weight loss mistakes

Now as long as the portal, have to say like misunderstandings. So, if you want tea weight loss benefits, may also wish to talk about the misunderstanding or thin.

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