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3 notes for healthy weight loss

March 8, 2012
Food to lose weight:

Studies show that fat people 1 body beautiful and thin little difference between people at night, heat energy consumption more or less equal. Key day, fat man no less than inside the body activity tend to be slow, which left from the heat transferred Botanical slimming into fat.

Eat slowly:

Chewing can consume a certain amount of heat. Eat the same and the same amount of food, chew more conducive to moderate body weight than ravenous. Experiments proved that limiting speed after 19 weeks of fat people eating, man reduced to 4,000 g, female weight 4,500 grams.


Specially selected fatty to lose weight:

Analysis of nutritionists, fat is divided into three classes: first class can be a significant increase in human cholesterol, including storage of fat in the meat and milk products, butter and cheese; second class cholesterol have little effect on the human body, such as chicken, eggs and shellfish fat; the third class is the ability to lower cholesterol fats, such as olive oil, corn oil and soybean oil. Two types of fat is the best choice.


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