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Eating less meals for fast weight loss

March 8, 2012
Eating less meals for fast weight loss:

Will also eat food into more than 5 times, compared to three meals, loss of nutrient intake, but much less body heat generated. This is because the intake to reduce each meal, can reduce the levels of insulin in the blood, resulting in increased burning of fatty acids.

Photo taken enough micronutrients:

In recent years, the researchers Leptin green coffee found that obesity and lack of certain trace elements such as vitamin B1, B6, and Nick is the decomposition of fat such as acid “catalyst”. Minerals such as calcium, iron, and zinc are also required materials for energy Acai Berry Extreme conversion in the body. They are mainly located in whole grains and wild vegetables, green vegetables and fruits, diet diversification, insist on dishes-match, weight and diet principles.


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