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losing weight follow your obesity type

March 8, 2012
Classification method of weight loss, many people want to quickly achieve the aim of slimming weight loss, but after repeated attempts to and did not get the expected results, as usual in the end how to lose weight in order to achieve good effects? Small series will show you a few of the following according to the type of obesity weight loss methods which can help us to stay away from fat trouble.

Obesity, stomach-fire-hyperactivity type features: easier to feel the hungry, bad breath, dry mouth, mouth to break, easy long issues such as constipation and acne

Gastric fire easily lead to poor peristalsis of stomach, causing digestive insufficiency, physical fitness or some people are bad habits caused by poor bowel function, and poor digestive function, body circulation and metabolism natural obstacles, is one of the risks of obesity.

Second, edema-obesity

Feature: preference to eat food, taste food; dryness in the mouth, secretions, lower body edema.

Edematous obesity Leptin weight loss coffee means that moisture does not metabolize in the body, resulting in excessive moisture accumulation in your body, circulation causing obstruction relative to form fat. For edematous fat girl, as long as the Elimination of edema, can improve the obesity problem, and in fact form of edema is closely built and poor metabolism in the body.


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