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How to burn fat to lose weight

March 9, 2012
How to burn fat to lose weight, just k songs make you-backed dancer beauty.

Sing k downsizing principle is very simple: when you body fat burning, the first is neutral fat burning, and the singing of the lungs and breathing exercise can help to burn, help you become-backed dancer beauty, coupled with the effects of singing and dancing, sing a song, minus the fat is considerable.

K songs to lose weight requires skill, otherwise the voice did not say, not thin


When singing, breathing is abdominal breathing method. Abdominal muscle full participation in sports, not only can promote metabolism, can also help firm muscles to eliminate small pork belly. In addition, use abdominal breathing method, effective activity of the diaphragm to adjust the amount of air inhaled and exhaled, fat decomposition of the oxygen it needed to adequately absorbed, will greatly enhance fat-burning effect.

Worthy of note is that yelling will not help you to reduce weight, voice calling and dumb body may also be swollen, Oh! K song position correctly, is the following:

Master the breathing rhythm, let k song to slim!

1. vertical suction

Body standing straight with his feet and shoulder width apart, shoulders relax. Hand holding a microphone in one hand hold down the abdomen.

Open your mouth, mouth daidaihua capsule and nose straight down breathing and feeling the suction to the bottom of the lungs. In the breathing process, under the ribs near the expansion, diaphragm has a certain amount of expansion, and expansion green coffee 800 around the sides of the abdomen.

Tighten tummy, straight back. Breathing will be at the end of, feel the air flow will push behind and on either side of the spine, and stored there, hold your breath, and then slowly exhaled. K-warm up is complete.


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