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The reason lead to obesity

March 10, 2012
Lead causes of obesity
(1) work-life stress, stress anxiety: this is a modern career women face new problems. The social position and roles of women and men, under the same starting point, women as men like more effort needed, under more and more pressure. “Workplace needs” before this powerful reasons, professional women, like men, and even more assiduously than men. Total comfort in the heart of their own “first to make the work to lay a good foundation, such as good health conditions are ripe to prepare pregnant”.
However in the face of great tensions in the busy and complex interpersonal relationships or marriage problems, women are more prone to mood swings and group of mental disorders, leading to endocrine disorders, hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis running interference, thus affecting the normal egg maturation and discharge procedures.
(2) the weight, but not excessive weight loss: Ragnar Frisch Professor of the Harvard University School of public health, adolescent girl stands about 1.6 metres and weighing at least 45 kilograms, future growth, mature female weight must be over 50 kilograms of the same height, can we constantly ovulation. Nowadays popular skinny girls, this makes some women tried to hard to go on a diet, and an enemy of the fat. Little do they know they are risking losing bred baby risks.
Because if you do not have sufficient amount of fat in the body, the brain will be gradually limited to generate a call “fat leptin” endocrine substances reduced female reproductive function. If continued for too long, resulting in adverse effects will be irreversible.

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