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The true example of Male obesity-induced heart failure

March 10, 2012
A man a few days ago due to heart failure caused by obesity are family to Harbin Medical University Hospital, or body puffiness can only sit and sleep. Now, after treatment, his condition has improved significantly, weight also reduces a lot.
It is understood that the 34 this year than the same age from birth to the age of the baby fat, appetite is great, especially like to eat meat, eat six or seven sausage, standing 1.7 metres, he weight unconsciously rose to more than 150 kg. Although obesity bring a lot of inconvenience to his life, but since the body no adverse reactions, have not wanted to lose weight.
However just over a year ago, he suddenly found himself breathing starting difficulties, up and down the stairs is also very difficult. Until a month ago, he couldn’t breath, difficulty in breathing, body started swelling, not lying, only sleeping with the head leaning. Bad seeing, his family sent him to Harbin Medical University Hospital for medical treatment.
According to the doctor, admission of patients with body weight over more than 150 kg, difficulty in breathing, congestive heart failure, body swelling, not eating properly, after nearly a month of treatment, his condition has improved significantly, weight also reduces a lot. Said that this caused by obesity in patients with cardiac overload, resulting in heart failure. Obesity not only can lead to heart failure, can also lead to other diseases such as hypertension diabetes phlebitis. She suggested that obese people need diet and strengthening exercise, science diet, avoiding various diseases caused by obesity.
So, weight loss is very important!

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