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Drink soda will increase weight

March 13, 2012
More and more soda market Chinese supermarket. Allegedly, and gastric acid in sodas can contribute to keep 7 days herbal slim the stomach, helps to alleviate symptoms of dyspepsia and constipation. Antioxidant effect of soda, can prevent skin aging. Wash vegetables and fruits: effective removal of heavy metals, 1 body beautiful pesticide and fertilizer. Health effects of soda has not yet been determined, but soda is easily confirmed on obesity is not a good thing.
Drink soda, induce appetite, without suda you can lose weight!
The average American drink 1 gallon of soda every week. Why this is so bad it used as a 2005 study showed that, drink 1 to 2 cups of soda a day will increase the probability of you 33% overweight and obesity. Even if it is sugar-free sodas as well.
San Antonio researcher on a project for the elderly for a 10-year investigation, they found that compared to people who do not drink soda, drinking soda and waist circumference increased by 5 times faster times. Their reasoning people induced by artificial sweeteners have a voracious appetite, too much eating without you.
Soda is carbonated beverage
Soda is carbonated beverage, is pressed into the carbon dioxide in the after purification of drinking water, beverage and added sweeteners and spices. Soda kinds more-steam, no steam, sugar, sugar-free, and so on. A bottle of no sugar, no soda tasted a bit of steam, taste in addition to slightly astringent than ordinary water, then there are no other differences.

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