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Go on a diet to lose weight healthy

March 13, 2012
In the bath, do you dare to face yourself in the mirror? No fat, she is no deformation? If not, then you do them up, eliminating body fat.
One of the weight loss: diet Leptin green coffee to lose weight
Go on a diet Acai Berry Extreme to lose weight is to reduce their food intake, it was denial of staple foods and carbohydrates, eat only fruit and vegetables or soup; some people eat only meat, eating staple foods; more on food as food or mistake, after using various methods, the food you just ate out.
Advantages: no pills, no exercise, no surgery.
Disadvantages: extremely easy to bounce, malnutrition, metabolic rate caused by anemia, decreased immunity, energy reduction, lack of concentration, relaxation phenomena such as skin, severe cases lead to anorexia, and life-threatening.
Recommendation: go on a diet to lose weight should be regular, active and eat from morning to night. Eat fruit to increase satiety before breakfast, drink three times a day during dieting to lose weight was a smart diet such as skim milk to increase the nutritional way.

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