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2 ways of lose weight yoga

March 14, 2012
1, chest breathing
Practice: cross one’s legs, 7 days herbal slim to lose weight straight, hands on ribs, slowly inhale two nostrils and hands feel ribs expand outward and upward, moving experience under the ribs and to put together.
2, full breathing
Practices: 1 body beautiful  cross one’s legs sat are, hand put in abdominal, hand put in ribs Department, slowly to suction, feel abdominal slowly muster, first let air full lung Acai Berry Extreme of Xia half Department, then let air full lung of Shang half Department, now air full has lung of each a corner, you has suction sucking to double lung of maximum capacity, then slowly to call gas, first relax chest upper, then relax chest lower and abdominal, last contraction abdominal muscle, to gas full call NET.

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