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Madonna’s recipes for weight loss

March 14, 2012
Madonna is very keen to eat her longevity—-diet method. This is a kind of vegetable, grain-oriented way of eating meizitang strong version to lose weight. It is not so much a diet, rather a philosophy of life.
The focus is: keep the inner balance. Therefore, the therapy proposed by eating high nutrient value (without chemicals) of natural food. In addition to fish, eat only strictly vegetarian, such as grains, vegetables, pod and seaweed. Diet cooking on a gas stove or Grill. Each mouthful of food carefully to chew more than 50 times. Madonna diet ratio is 40:30:30, carbohydrate 40%, 30% of protein, fat, 30%.
Madonna of the typical recipes
Breakfast: oatmeal, oatmeal paste
Lunch: paddy fields and leaf mustard soup
Dinner: Brown rice, lentils and fried fish tender
Taboo food: coffee, sugar, dairy products, meat, eggplant, and spicy seasoning.

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