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Maidanna also love yoga to lose weight

March 14, 2012
Sports lovers never interrupted the fitness program. No matter how well her schedule full, 1 hour of jogging will certainly be included in her schedule. In particular, she is proud of the fact that she has a pair of muscular arms, United States women’s bodybuilding magazine was elected as the national women’s richest in tightening force of arms. Recently, Madonna and discover the benefits of Yoga to her great—-could contribute to the physical and mental balance, the body flexible, agile, increase immunity, energy.


Maidanna Perform on the stage of Yoga botanial diet pills for weight loss

Pop music Queen maidangna although it is the mother of two children, but its body remains perfect and beautiful, with Super destruction. The has passed the age of 40 stars never hiding her own practice, and practice yoga every day.

Yoga like windmills spinning action can help you master Madonna like a shapely beauty and strong arms. Every 8 to 15 in a row, doing two or three times, do it 2 or 3 times a week,

Body standing straight with his feet and shoulder width apart, arms natural droop, Palm inward. A deep breath, and then lift his arm above his head. Exhale, then arm hanging down. Repeat these actions the main points, each time you breathe accumulate energy and strength.


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