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yoga abdominal breathing to lose weight

March 14, 2012
Yoga breathing is abdominal muscle, intercostal muscle and movement of the diaphragm to full abdominal breathing, such breathing even, slow and deep. Can provide more oxygen to all organs of the body, to enable us to maintain good heart and lung function, we have to learn Yoga breathing method.
There are 3 basic breathing method of Yoga: abdominal breathing, thoracic breathing, breathing completely. These types of breathing is to breathe.
1, abdominal breathing Acai Berry Diet for weight loss
Intercostal muscle expansion and diaphragm down lung volume increases, the air pressure in the lungs.
Breathes out
Diaphragm increases, smaller lung volume, air out the lungs
Practice: back, keep your hands on your abdomen, slowly inhale two nostrils, relaxed abdomen, feel air being sucked into the abdomen, hands can feel the abdomen, the higher, in fact when the diaphragm down, the air pressure in the lungs back, breathes out, slow contraction of abdominal muscles, diaphragm increases, the air out of the lungs.

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