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2 useful wieght loss methods

March 15, 2012
Summer comes in 2 kinds of the most effective weight loss tips, we are going to put on the beautiful mid layers, whether you have a moving body can show a show then? Do you want to find a way to enjoy the food at the same time reducing feishou method 7 days herbal slim? Small series now gives you intimate recommended recipes ranging from weight loss to weight-loss method of practical information Acai Berry Extreme. Let you in to the attitude of most light dance with the flowers in the spring!
Blowing balloons

You just need to spend a little money to buy balloons, then blow 10 every day. Cool, huh? Unexpectedly, this way will do. They heard that from Japan came. So, if you’re too lazy to take diet meals, too lazy to eat slimming meals, too lazy to do something annoying to lose weight exercise every day. Just for you, you can also blow good gas balloons tied in game playing on the leg stepping on balloons.

Drinking vinegar

Supermarket sold on the market of fruit vinegar and lemon vinegar or balsamic, or rice vinegar. However is not recommended to use rice vinegar because I tasted, it really is hard to drink, will feel uncomfortable. Therefore, I do not recommend drinking vinegar! There is not too much vinegar, to 1:5 ratio of vinegar and water, can also treat constipation, if you are constipated sister. Remember, you can drink vinegar!


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