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What kind of weight loss method is the most effective?

March 15, 2012
What kind of weight loss method is the most effective ?
Type1: thin, less fat, poor muscle strength is not strong, the strength
Often internal Meizitang organs is not very healthy. When should exercise good basic physical slowly, gradually enhance muscular strength, endurance and physical flexibility, weight training, participate in aerobics, skipping, swimming and other dynamic movements. Thin people to pay special attention to diet. Intake of foods rich in protein, to promote visceral functions, enhanced muscle strength, has more vitamin intake.
Type2: looks weak, but there are a lot of fat
Muscle strength and function of the internal organs are often not strong enough, bad manual. This type of person suitable for sports such as walking, climbing stairs, skipping, swimming makes fat burning exercise. Diet should avoid engorgement, eat less sweets, eat less high fat content of the food, but the intake of high protein foods.

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