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3 steps for weight loss quickly

March 19, 2012
Hiding in the winter season when fat and finally to see the Sun, see waist and abdomen covered with fat, like layers of swim rings, are you sick? So this is a good time to lose weight! Want to get rid of fat, how can have a slender waist and abdomen of the flat? Fast weight loss exercises bnew diet pills to do thin waist and abdomen!

Efficacy: this weight loss exercise best slim diet pills that enables us to tighten the waist and abdomen muscles, promote bowel movement, body balance and strength, easy to get rid of fat between the waist and abdomen, minus the small stomach, let you easily have a slender little pretty waist.

1) down face down on the floor, palms on the ground Dream body slimming capsule with both hands, feet, body propped up the arm, and then breathe in, chest out, stretch upper body backward, legs dangling, hold the head up, around ventilator to breathe and natural actions adhere to 10~20.

2) feet on the ground, hands on head straight to, breathe, upper body forward, a major step right foot back, left knee bent 90 degrees. Arm, right foot and body form a diagonal line, and natural breathing, adhere to the 10~20 breath, and then changed it again to repeat the action.

3) feet on the ground, hands fingers opened near the temple, elbow and shoulder on the same straight line, suction, left side kick out, and bend your upper body to the left, and natural breathing, adhere to the 10~20 about breathing, and then repeat on the other side of the transfer.


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