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Fighting Ballet for weight loss

March 19, 2012
Fighting Ballet (Aerobarre) combines the advantages of wrestling as well as ballet, is a valid exercise to lose weight, thin waist and slender legs effect. Wrestling can consume a large amount of heat and very few Ballet exercises to those daily exercise to muscular, so fighting Ballet combines the advantages of both, for shaping the body and slimming effects 7 days brazilian slimming coffee.
Fighting Ballet movement, you need to prepare tools including a 9~12-pound body bars Brazilian Slimming Coffee and two 1~2-pound dumbbell. Each of the following actions do it two times, and then relax the body, then do two minutes of fist action. Just do it three times a week, and each exercise must be spaced a day or more.
This action can help exercise the legs, legs straight, thin.
The toes of both feet to stand out on the ground, heels, hand hold body bar top vertical in front of the body, breathing, toes, bend your legs, lower leg and thighs closer to, keep your body balanced, upright, stick around 5 breathing, and then stand. Actions repeated 16 times.

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