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good time for good weight loss control

March 19, 2012

Good time, slim point-most effective to lose weight

Spring is coming, a winter cold storage fat is finally fruta planta “made public”, in front of girlfriends are the proud figure, your mind will be slim. So, exercise, diet, slimming SPA became a trilogy must do on a daily basis. But the effect Dream body is not obvious. TCM experts teach from the perspective of time with you, to share with you the most natural, the most simple and slimming treatments.

Chenshi (7 o’clock in the morning ~9) three thin body

Chenshi, stomach is, unusually strong digestive system. At this point, is the prime time Lida daidaihua of weight control. Best weight loss method is to own a big breakfast, to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, supplementary energy all day, and also to stimulate the known as “stomach three treasures” of cavity on cavity cave under point zhongwan point in order to speed up the metabolism in the body, accelerate the blood circulation, and gradually achieve the goal of lean body.


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