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7 days weight loss plan

March 20, 2012
7 days weight loss 10 pounds is not simply to drink tea, my advice is to drink the tea properly cope with fasting.
1th stage:
This stage is relatively simple, Dream body slimming capsule after the dinner, we should strictly control their prohibition of eating in 12 hours.
Believe that this stage should be relatively easy to do, the purpose is simple, in the evening, we reduced the amount of fruta planta, fat works, so is a good method of eating after dinner ban, then according to you a daily intake of law, 12 hours after it was breakfast time we, 1th stage two package you can select:
1 cup 1.1/4 Apple + milk + egg white + 2 cups ginger black tea
2. one cup of whole grain white bread + egg + milk + ginger 2 cups black tea
2nd stage:
This stage is the main method Dream body of the same 12 hour eating after dinner ban, at the same time increase the amount of drinking ginger tea. Higher requirements for breakfast and lunch at this stage, we arrange the following this phase of the diet plan:
Breakfast: a small amount of fruit (recommended Apple) + 2 cups ginger black tea
Lunch: lunch 15-30 minutes before and after drinking a cup of ginger tea, effective for the body eliminate the coldness, promote metabolism, accelerate the consumption of fats.
Dinner: dinner plan for this stage is relatively loose, not engorgement of cases, help yourself to anything, pay attention to principle 7 full.
3rd stage:
After subsection 1.2 stage of test yihou, we of 3rd stage of plans became more has challenging, but absolute is security, guarantee effect of, 3rd stage main implemented of is full days broken food plans, daily in early in the dinner only intake some vegetable, and fruit, because so can guarantee body does not because diet and nutrition bad, while in early in the dinner time outside of other time drinking ginger black tea. Schedule is as follows:
Breakfast: + 2~3 cups of carrot juice fruit juice (recommended Apple juice)
11: drink 1 cup of ginger tea
Lunch: with breakfast
16: drinking 2 cups of ginger tea
Dinner: with breakfast
Dinner also prohibit eating after 12 hours, the breakfast of the second day when we can appropriate intake of food such as white rice, black sesame, with seven or eight full as the best, then you can go to the weight, don’t be too surprised!

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