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weight loss tea recipe

March 20, 2012
This paragraph weight loss tea main of ingredients is ginger and black tea, its Pharmacology comparison simple, from TCM seems, currently many young women obesity of main causes is body chill more heavy, and Ginger of role is solution this roots sexual of problem, joined black tea main is because tea more phenol for weight loss body beauty slimming coffee of promote role, so this formula is under TCM “root” and to of, effect better, 7 days thin 10 kg is full has may of.

1. prepare tea, dicing/cubing or ginger juice squeezed into standby bnew.

2. boil

3. boiling water preheating cups

4. into the boiling water for tea-bubble

5. put into standby Ting or ginger in ginger sauce.

Note: Ginger needs to peel, and d better than ginger in ginger sauce, case if conditions permit, bnew pills in order to increase the weight loss effects, you can put brown sugar in moderation, such as honey.


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