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3 steps to lose your legs’ fat

March 21, 2012
As we all know, Asian body mostly torso thin legs thick, gives a mismatch is not aesthetically pleasing visual experience. This young Asian girl is deeply troubled by his thick legs, is there any way that is not reduced upper body to reduce leg only, the answer is “some” weight loss.
To be very well lose leg fat without 7 days brazilian slimming coffee reducing the other parts, it must be without some movement. If by eating a certain kind of diet food or diet pills, or diet, is very difficult to hit the spot reduction, slimming effect of eating out is the body.
To thin legs, choose the right exercise Brazilian Slimming Coffee is very important, selecting the right way not only to achieve the weight loss effects, also has the potential to backfire a reduction should not be reduced. Usually friends of the work do not have the time to do sports, has a very good way to lose weight on the way to work, such as up and down the stairs, such as fast walking, such as jogging. But to be significant, even when climbing the stairs and go places that need attention.
First climb the stairs only with feet in the first half Leisure 18 Slimming Coffee, so as to better stretch muscles, shape good legs, plastic legs are very helpful. If only the normal up and down the stairs, not only not reduced legs, may also cause accumulation of the leg muscles. Place to go when they need attention, leave as much as possible to take long steps. Or choose a walk way, not bending of the knee joint. This leave can be better and more fully stretched thighs, tight muscles, shape good legs.
If the friend is normally more time, you can do some simple skinny leg movement at home, here I introduce some effective action.
The first was pedaling the bike in the bed of the actions, suggested more than 20 minutes at a time, because the movement of fat in the first 20 minutes before burning, tired can be done slowly, but do not stop.
The second was on tiptoe: hands straight in the chest, and lifted on the wall, on tiptoe, stand on tiptoe, put down a, 20, break 2 minutes, 5. After finished you may feel leg muscle very tight very sore, hand rub can be used. This is particularly significant to reduce the effect of leg.
The third method in the Internet for a long time, work really well. Is to grab a handful of beans per day (free beans) into the ground, and then pick one up beans, attention to the process of picking up, knee to stretch straight not bent, bent to pick up. So you can clearly feel the leg muscles stretching, there will be a feeling of soreness, that is the effect.
These methods are very practical, very simple, without any instrument can do. But the results are impressive, to have slender beautiful legs girls do not miss, if we stick to those skinny legs will become possible.

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