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7 ways help you burning fat

March 21, 2012
Every woman wants to have a slim waist line. Exercise can make it compact and strengthen lines around my waist, soft waist. But if you have persistent accumulation of fat around my waist body beauty slimming coffee, unless you have a healthy diet plan and combined with aerobic exercise, otherwise will not have much effect, but also with body weight. So let us learn the following method, thin waist, waist sculpture.
1. burn the fat. Different kinds of exercises are very important. Thin waist very good exercise walking, bnew swimming and boating. Of course that a burning fat exercises are beneficial.
2. do a sit up like it exercise abdominal exercise, but the added twist. Lying on the floor, legs slightly bent, nestling in the chest with both hands, raised his head and shoulders off the ground, right elbow touches the left knee as much as possible, back to the Center, and then his left elbow touches the right knee. Repeated.
3. side-lying, pole head bnew pills with her hands. Slowly raise one leg, keep straight. Stop, and then slowly lower to the ground and repeat the other side. When this becomes easier when trying to do with legs.
4. into trunk type bridge. After school we called bent. Both hands flat on the both sides of the head, feet flat knees bent, hands propped up to the stomach, the back arches, persist for some time.
5. torso twist. Stand feet apart, hands back encircling the head, waist and twist to the right, back to the Center, and then twisting it to the left, back to the Center. Bent at a time can be increased a little. Experience the feel of each brought an action.
6. the unilateral bent. Feet apart to stand, pick a 3-5 pound dumbbell held up a hand, at the waist to the side of the opposition to the bending. Change sides.
7. open legs to stand, hands touch his toes. A hand touch his toes in the opposite direction, legs straight. Change sides.

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