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three reasons of why we need to lose weight

March 21, 2012
A lot of people because of their general stomach upset, very big tummy on the street, had wanted to face it with a knife. So why do some people not fat, but what about the speed of only the accumulation of stomach fat?
There are three reasons of why we need to lose weight:
Are these people living in the General preference Dream body slimming capsule for greasy food. For instance, some people love to eat pig’s head meat, some people love to eat fried dough sticks. Pig’s head meat contains large amounts of animal fat, rich in vegetable oil in the dough, these fat substances entering the body before they are converted into body fat, stored in the human body, and storage sites are usually in the abdomen.
Second is to tummy fat fruta planta people’s tastes are quite heavy, it will also promote the accumulation of body fat, there is too much salt intake will increase the body’s cholesterol content, caused by diseases such as high blood pressure, high blood fat. Food tastes of people must change their habits.
Three were inactive after dinner Dream body, sit for a long time, so after dinner digestive energy matter is converted into fat storage in the small stomach.
So is there any way to eliminate the annoying General stomach it?
First of all, these large stomach of people must change their habits, do not eat or eat food rich in vegetable oil and animal fat as possible; in your daily diet to bland, cannot put too much salt, salt intake is the intake in countries of standards, you can reference implementation. Only in this way can completely eliminate the source of general abdominal.
Second, the food can be conducive to the accumulation of body fat. Such as daily drink yoghurt. This is because the stomach promoting digestion by lactic acid bacteria in yogurt, can promote the burning of body fat, and moistening substances, oil substance with stool in the intestines excluded; yogurt also contains substances of the skin care beauty, this is the most appropriate for the women.
In addition to these, General stomach also regularly take part in sport, it can be great for burning fat. In General after dinner, walk slowly for half an hour you can easily eliminate too much physical energy.

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