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3 Yoga health preservation methods

March 22, 2012
Physical fitness:
Face was the last day of a lunar month delay Leisure 18 Slimming Coffee, darker lip color, dry skin, eyes dark as blood-stasis physique of people.
Yoga health preservation methods for weight loss:
1. choose Yoga exercise: do more dynamic exercises to benefit the blood vessels of the heart, such as promoting force Dream body slimming capsule of qi and blood in the integral movement; the meridians of the body, the body active in every department, is the best choice for help blood running.
2. diet cure: eat foods fruta planta with promoting blood circulation by removing blood stasis effects, like kernels, black beans, rapeseed, vineger, frequently cooking congee with Hawthorn and peanut porridge. Also the choice of activating blood circulation and nourishing blood drug (Ulmus Angelica sinensis, Radix salviae miltiorrhizae, Radix rehmanniae, real, and cortex acanthopanacis) and meat Bao Tang drink.
3. adjustment: keep the idea of yoga, boot your own; understand the overall balance Yoga way of thinking for himself.

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