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Yoga weight loss methods for fire body

March 22, 2012
Fire resistance of physical fitness:
Physical characteristics of such people as the body weight; hand and foot heat;; the boredom when large, dry, easy to insomnia, fecal dry, yellow urine; without resistance in the spring and summer Brazilian Slimming Coffee, Taki cold drink.
Yoga weight loss methods:
1. mental health: these people physical deficiency of Yin fire in Mong Kok, irascible temperament, often upset irritability, this is the reason of heat rejection spirits, should follow the “wisdom of yoga in the spirit of keeping” regimen. View of self-study in the conservation, develop a habit of calm, cool. Less to attend compulsory activities such as sport.
2. diet cure: eat more bland foods such as glutinous rice, tofu, sesame seeds, honey, dairy products, fish and vegetables. People with the condition may be eating nourishing food, such as sea cucumber, white fungus, Cordyceps sinensis, spicy dry should eat less of the strong.
3. selected Yoga exercises to quiet background regimen of exercises;: line, view in meditation, integrative exercise method of neijing; not suitable for aggressive campaign style, focusing on the recuperation of the liver and kidney.

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