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the majority ways to lose weight for obese people

March 23, 2012
In fact, the vast majority of obese people, the causes of obesity are due to lifestyle, fat people habits of some irrational or unhealthy factors, leading to long-term intake of calories is greater than the consumption of heat, eventually causing symptoms of obesity. How to lose weight, recommended to thin people are learning, particularly study their health habits, never from the chaff, regardless.
1. thin people eat to satisfaction
Thin people eat to six or seven to stop eating when full, will not mistakenly confuse satisfying sense of fullness, to thin people can learn, halfway down chopsticks when eating, feeling for their full classification arrangement; ate have left many times arranged for himself one more time. Its purpose is to enhance the sense of satisfaction of eating in the process or not (this process slows down the speed of eating in order to complete the establishment of the sense of fullness).
2. thin people to pay attention to food portions
Thin people pay attention to food components, always pay attention to what they eat to prevent getting fat. Therefore do not habitually eaten all the food in front of, in defiance of the real needs of these foods.
3. skinny people never think of eating as “fire brigade”
And most people have a tendency to obesity battle fruta planta, requires urgent hunger as a “fire brigade”, but if people are afraid of hunger, it is possible to often excessive amounts of food to prevent hunger. Thin people can endure the pain of hunger, because they felt that because of hunger from time to time. Selection of a busy day, try to consciously back over 1 or 2 hour lunch time, or to cancel an afternoon tea, next time a similar situation happen again, you went straight to the refrigerator.
4. thin people not because of Dream body slimming capsule emotional eating

Thin people do not reject emotional eating, but they know when to do, when to stop immediately. Hunger, angry, lonely or tired, which is lead to emotional eating four of the most common kinds of incentives. If the hunger is really simple, you should choose a nutritious balanced snacks, such as eating a hunger after the nut through the next time for dinner. If you encounter when angry, lonely or tired, looking for another kind of calorie-free way to meet emotional needs. Running, hopping out of the gloomy mood of the movement, accelerated heart beat activities help to disperse the angry mood. If you feel tired, and let nature take its course to go to sleep.

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