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refused to go on a diet to lose weight

March 23, 2012
Cherish life, refused to go on a diet to lose weight, weight loss is not difficult, difficult is to keep the thin figure. If you want to lose weight, then first develop good habits, good habits, fat naturally reduced. And habits has been maintained, with fat will never say bye bye.
First, please try to eat less sweets 7 days brazilian slimming coffee. This is not just the weight loss during, because losing weight even if successful, will also need to maintain, keep is the key, so to eat less sweets as a habit. Eat less dessert, if you really want to eat to eat healthy desserts. For example, some very sweet fruit, and really want to eat junk food, such as jelly, tea, sugar, and so on, then eat, people all have a desire to eat, eating is enjoyable, really like to eat, but to moderate. Can’t eat too much, think eating more fat came out, then stop it. Take a little is okay, those sweet foods into energy we digested.
Second, is the habit of normal daily routine. Went to bed at night, activities during the day and some old love overnight, overnight, eat, eat one night went to bed, sleep without eating fat does, and people don’t want to move at night, all night long and boring like to eat, eat something and fixed. Passage of time is not fat. So fattening is not fat, want to find the cause, change yourself. New office hours for normal, sleep won’t eat in the evening. Activities during the day, the why why, time to eat dinner, to be a normal person, there will be a normal build, for local girls to lose weight, you should be fit for the site running.
Losing weight is the most taboo does not eat staple. Not eating, hunger strike directly, or eating only fruit, others have nothing to eat. Yes! This can really slim down, and it was very quickly thin down. But after the slim down, really super hard to maintain size! Some netizens have 2 months do not eat any food, eat only fruit, slim down 30 pounds, but fainted several times. But lean down to less than 1 month, before the FAT to lose weight or fat, it is easier for low blood sugar; if not eating staple foods to lose weight eating only fruit, people lack of energy required, so when people consume all of the body’s fat, only this time by consuming fat has maintained.
Getting enough energy and day, operate various functions of the human body becomes slower, even disorders (disorders of the consequence of hunger strike! ) Operation is slower, less consumption, but consumption of fat, so thin! But there is still the desire itself to things, this time in development, 2 after results of result 1 is the front said the hunger strike, physical function disorder, back, I don’t want to say sth ; Result 2 is due to not eating for a long time staple, repressed desire for things, and finally collapsed. Desire can no longer hold, and slim down later, desire to crash, crash, hard drink and eat too much at one meal of the day and night, the last is fat-fatter than before the weight loss!

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