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simple tips to lose weight

March 23, 2012
Hip line is easily neglected problems many women, sitting for a long time, and the does not correct sitting position is a significant cause of hip line wasn’t perfect, Love on a Diet of small series below will tell you what should usually correct hip problem, Brazilian Slimming Coffee help you create the perfect hip line, have the charm of the hips.
Pelvic tilt status check for weight loss
Legs put together stand, dual Palm open, fingers put together and raised in lower abdomen pelvis is central, forming an inverted triangle.

The mirror from the side, as shown in the diagram, triangle consisting of hand is moved forward or backward tilt, forward for kyphosis hip, retroversion of flat buttocks.
Convex after the enemy annihilated us Leisure 18 Slimming Coffee hip to hip
Private coach three types of enemy are, respectively, are sagging buttocks, protruding buttocks, flat buttocks after today xiaobian beauty network is after you beat thin convex hip to hip.
Protruding buttocks after being formed?
Lack of exercise and aging, abdominal muscle weakness, coupled with the usual fault, pelvis does not erect, but would rather forward, move the hips after excessive outburst. Although we say “down after Alice” is a good build, protruding hips is definitely not perfect after warping to hip. Solution is to pass the kyphosis of hip movements to correct pelvic, stimulate the deep muscles of the abdomen, pelvis support recovery.
Alice hip warm-up
1 up, left knee bent, full leg slightly down, right leg out to the knees, ankles on the left knee, left foot is very straight, hold the left thigh with both hands lying on the floor, lift the buttocks up to this position, for 10 seconds.
2, her arms straight to the side, Palm stick, knees left leg, right leg straightened and lifted high up, and perpendicular to the ground, upper body lifting with the rise, back, hips, and legs are off the ground, with only the head, arms, and shoulders supporting body, maintain position for 10 seconds.
Reforming the pelvis
Standing arms Akimbo, apply pelvic pressure, tilt, respectively. When the pelvis backward, and deep breathing from the nose, abdominal muscles as the pelvis move to fully stretch out. When the pelvis forward, and hips down collection, abdominal muscle contraction, while maintaining a slow breath.

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