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healthy ways to lose weight

March 26, 2012
Therefore advised to lose weight, lose weight not anxious, take your time. Losing weight is to health, and, in turn, has reduced the problem.
When it comes to weight loss diets, the key is a high quality protein is sufficient, you can choose lean meat, fish and shrimp, dried skimmed milk, soy products, and other food. Lack of protein, is likely to appear weak, General lassitude, decreased immunity, naturally cannot stick to it. 

When you lose weight, fat intake should be less than 25%, do not eat meat, heavy oil cakes. At the same time, limiting the intake of staple foods, 200 g-300 g per day. Eat more vegetables with low energy. Don’t eat spicy condiments, all that stimulation of gastric mucosa, makes a good appetite, and lead to weight loss failure. Don’t drink coffee. Coffee mate in the milk, sugar and fat content is very high, coffee itself can stimulate the secretion of gastric juice. Too much to drink, not only not reduced into fertilizer, also will make you fat.

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